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“Encuéntrame un lugar en el sol, en el mar, sobre una roca, cerca de una isla del Caribe: allí la asentaré, honorable y libre”.

Así comienza el poema de Cécile Nobrega, maestra, poeta y dramaturga, defensora del proyecto “THE BRONZE WOMAN”, que pretendía el reconocimiento de las mujeres de países del tercer mundo y descendientes de la trata de esclavos.

Pasó su vida luchando por la libertad y la igualdad de oportunidades, en defensa de la feminidad.

Tras la segunda guerra mundial, ciudadanos caribeños se establecen en Gran Bretaña, contribuirán a reconstruir su economía. Aun así, permanece la huella de la desigualdad marcada por aquellos prejuicios que no cesan en su persistencia.

En 2008, la lucha de Cecile queda simbolizada por esta escultura que da forma a su poema. Instalada en el Stockwell Memorial Garden, será la primera estatua en Londres de una mujer afrocaribeña.


Escrito por Cécile Nobrega

Find me a place in the sun
in the sea
on a rock
near an Isle
in the Caribbee: There I will set her, Honoured, Free!
to be kissed and petted by the wind;
to be washed with the brine of sweet and bitter memoirs Sin:
to be stubborn and steadfast as night,
Dark is her Destiny Wrong her right.
Woman of Bronze! Symbol of Slavery

Strength sweat and toil,
who can foil
your quest
for best
to give your child?
One night a woman
says the Book,
went to Him late,
late in the gloomy darkness of the night;
Went to Him, the Light,
for places for her sons
the left, the right
to sit beside Him.
Chide her not!
Mother instinct is the same today
as then
for evermore
however mild,
she seeks the betterment of her child.
Bronze Woman!
You were no different
When you laid with massa boss, Free
you knew there was no loss
of favours
Food for the black and hungry brood, Mulato-Eurasian child money subsidised economy,
a step away
from want and need:
a step away
from toil and sweat the heat of day: Pray
Feel no hurt

with those who talk of illegitimacy
and illiteracy,
Social stigmas – Language Craft; Feel proud
that you have done your part:
Stained your skirt with water-mark waist deep
paddy beds
cane fields
to keep
stinted stomachs
hungry mouth
salt and rice
such sacrifice
as those passed on many know of Death!
Consumptive death Malarial death, visited troolie huts clean earthen floor the same as Overseer, Manager before
promotion to driver extortion
child labour.
All this you bore, Feel hurt no more.
Feel Joy
with those who served the mine, today your sons and daughters shine like the bright gold
you bartered for,
in great professions,
Music, Medicine, Law.
White Man’s purse has no curse
his seed
no need:

but Men
poor Men they run away
after the night
the day
is done
they’re gone
through need
disown their seed then you are left alone Bronze Woman father-mother Caribbean Woman
To play a dual role.
Stalwart woman-man
With the sun in your bones and the bloods in your veins; strength in your heart
and love in your limbs,
Your buxom breasts
hang down
like juicy brown mangoes
in the mouth of your child, Your eyes are determined Yet gentle and mild,
Who can help but set you Bronze Woman
Who can help but cherish
This monument of Love…………
Then find me a place in the sun
in the sea
on a rock
Near an Isle
In the Caribbee: There I will set her Bronze Woman Free
Honoured for shaping Our Destiny.


Escultor de «The bronze Woman» – Aleix Barbat


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